We strive to put together the best custom audio control packages. "Standard" doesn't always cover the clients needs, so we tailor the packages to the event or Tour.  

Consoles & Recording equipment

Midas Pro2c & Pro1


Midas Pro2c-Specific properties 

  •  64 simultaneous input processing channels. 56 input channels, 8 FX returns

  • Advanced MCA (mix control association) channel control and navigation

Midas Pro1- Specific properties 

  • 48 simultaneous input processing channels. 40 input channels, 8 FX returns

  • Self-contained digital console; may be used without external hardware or with any Midas pro I/O

  • 24 mic/line inputs with MIDAS mic preamps built in



Both Pro2c & Pro1 have the following 

  • 2 AES3 inputs, 3 AES3 outputs

  • 27 sample-synchronous, phase-coherent mix buses. 16 aux, 8 matrix, LCR

  • Up to 12 multi-channel FX engines

  • 4-band parametric EQ on each input channel

  • Up to 28 instances of the KLARK TEKNIK DN370 31-band Graphic EQ

  • Stereo, SIS (LCR panning) Quad (4-channel), LCRS (Left, Centre Right Surround), and 5.1 panning

  • Full-color 15" daylight-viewable display screen

  • 8 VCA (Variable Control Association) groups, 6 POPulation groups

  • MIDI in/out/thru, ethernet, removable power supply

  • 96kHz 40-bit floating-point processing throughout

  • Showfiles are compatible with all MIDAS digital consoles

Behringer x32 rack 

32 input channels, 16 aux, 8 FX returns

16 Mic/Line Inputs and 8 Mic/Line Outputs on board

48kHz 24-bit floating-point processing 

Midas DL231 (Two available) 

I/O Unit for MIDAS Consoles with 24 Mic/Line Inputs and 24 Mic/Line Outputs. This is an active splitter with 2 separate preamps per input. Able to be used at 96k or 48k. Compatible with both X32 and Midas Pro consoles

Midas Dl153

I/O Unit for MIDAS Consoles with 16 Mic/Line Inputs and 8 Mic/Line Outputs

Compatible with both X32 and Midas Pro consoles


  • RPM dynamics 300' Tactical Cat5e snake with 4 lines of Cat5e

Recording interfaces


- RPM TB248/46

  • Multitrack recording interface, compatible with any core audio DAW​​

  • 48 channels of 96k, 24bit bi-directional audio

  • Works on all midas Pro Series desks, Behringer X32 and Midas M32


-Klark Technic DN9650

  • This media bridge provides up to 144 channels of sample rate conversion and synchronization between two interfaces. Compatible with AES50, MADI

  • Works for Recording and Running Waves plugins in conjunction with Waves MGB and server. 

  • Works on all Midas Pro Series desks, Midas M32 and Behringer X32

Recordings software

- Pro Tools 12

- Waves tracks live


Waves Servers & Hardware

- Waves Axis One

- Waves Extreme Server-C

- Waves MGB

- Waves X-WSG Cards for X32 & M32 

- Netgear switches 

- Dell 24" touch screens for Super Rack/ Multi rack 

System Control

Lake LM 44

-4 x analog inputs and 4 x analog outputs with Iso-Float ground isolation provided through Neutrik XLR* connectors   

-4 x AES3 digital audio inputs and 4 x AES3 digital audio outputs with up to 192 kHz sampling frequency provided through Neutrik XLR connectors 

-4 x LAKE Mesa modules

Full system control via LAKE Controller touch-screen-optimized software application

Sub Snake Package

Rapco Horizon


Snake package, designed for quick change overs and maximum flexibility. 

1-100' 20ch snake with Elco connectors and XLR fan out

1-50' 20ch snake with Elco connectors and XLR fan out

1-30' 20ch snake with Elco connectors and XLR fan out

4-16 input, 4 output stage boxes

4-20 input stage boxes


1-6ch 50' Snake

1-12ch 50' Snake


2-8ch 50' Snake

Microphone/DI Package


1x- C414 (Condenser mic) 

1x- C1000s (Condenser mic)

Audio Technica

1x- AT2050 (Condenser mic) 

3x- Ae4100 (Dynamic vocal mic)

4x-AE3000 (Condenser mic)

4x-ATM650 (Dynamic instrument mic)

1x- AT2021 (Condenser mic)

3x- ATM35 (Clip on condenser mic) 

1x-AE2500 (Dual element condenser and dynamic mic)

1x-AT4033a (Condenser mic) 


4x- D6 (Dynamic mic) 

4x- D4 (Dynamic mic) 

3x- Adx51(Pencil condenser) 

7x- i5 (Dynamic instrument mic) 

3x- OM2 (Dynamic hypercardiod Vocal mic) 

6x- OM6 (Dynamic hypercardiod Vocal mic) 

2x- OM7 (Dynamic hypercardiod Vocal mic) 


 2x- RE20 broadcast microphones 


4x- PROD2 stereo Di

4x- PROdi


3x- NT5 (Condenser mic) 

Rupert neve designs

2x- RNDI 

1x- RNDI-Stereo 

SE Electronics

4x- V7 MC1 capsules for Shure RF

2x- V7 Dynamic Vocal mic

1x- V-Kick 

4x- V-Beat

1x- HB52 Harmonica microphone

2x-VR1 (Ribbon mic) 

2x-Guitar Rf  Refection filter

1x-SE Reflection filter


 6x- E604

2x- E609 


10x- SM58 (Dynamic cardiod Vocal mic) 

8x- SM57 (Dynamic instrument mic) 

2x- KSM109 (Condenser mic)

1x- Beta91 (Condenser instrument mic) 

1x- SM91 (Condenser instrument mic)


8x- IMP2 direct box

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