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Kyle Gerhart Life story

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Sound Engineer

Kyle Gerhart, 32

After attending college and earning a degree in recording engineering in 2010, I've spent the past 12 years of my life touring and producing concerts. I started my own company in 2010, subcontracting myself to multiple tours as a FOH engineer and Tour manager. The company has grown to be able to provide high quality audio control packages for national touring acts. 
Continuing education is important to myself and the company. Constantly staying on the top of technology and taking new classes. Getting to work with Chris Lord-Alge on the Kurt Deimer project has vastly improved my studio engineering. He has personally taught me a great deal of knowledge. 
Audio is my passion. No matter the size of the gig, it should always sound great. An audience of 50 is just as important as an audience of 50,000. I strive to make the best of any situation for the client. 
Kyle Gerhart, Sound engineer
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